i own my body and i own my mind


i own my body and i own my mind

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mat included for both sizes.

9x12 + mat fits 12x16” frame.

12x16 + mat fits 16x20” frame.

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I own my body

and I own my mind

and I own every little thing I've ever been curious about.

I own my love for the things that I love

and I own the sky because many times I have swallowed it whole

and that expanse and opportunity lives inside of me.

I own my time and my own self respect and I own a whole world of kindness

and I can do tons of things I want to with it.

I do not own a car and I do not own any other person or their choices

but on most days, I am really happy that I get to be near them

and wrap their miracle around me like a blanket.

I think we all belong to each other

And that no one comes out on top

and that no one really wants enemies.

And I think we should all go ahead and get used to things not going as we expected.