coming back

life on earth;
the ways, the rythym, the habits, the circles, 
the months that fly so fast they don't exist. 
what are we doing. 
what do we let happen. 

my thoughts spin out of orbit 
into that contemporary, socially acceptable pattern of 
the getting ahead, 
the no name buzz. 

i live in a tent on the ledge of choosing You 
and staying dazed at 
the race. 

i run over the tops of days like a treadmill 
they're trampled, gone, poor things, 
beneath my feet. 

let them rise around me like an atmosphere. 
i'll awake there- 
where there's humid sound, 
loving eyes, 
where we're human. 

i'll close my eyes and find You in the space between winter and heaven

where we'll relay to each other the flesh and the spirit and all the emotions. 
where we speak. 

show me Your decrees 
let me know Your thoughts. 

we're all obsessed with ourselves. 
but You're no respecter of persons- no grid for rank or fame
You're not distracted by those things as You tower like a kind, white pillar 
resting on the ground of the beautiful earth, 
pushing through the void and into eternity.
covered in the real 
the quiet 

so even as the waves that push through me 
fight against it, 
bring me to the quiet, 
rescue me in that way.