the way she laughs SO loud

with all kinds of happy island air all over her eyes..

and lets it trail with no care in the world 

(that she still hasn’t answered your question)

and you’re sure that nothing of much substance could follow—

nothing to brave the winds you’re inquiring about at least . 

and then her laughing trails into a sigh—

and she says it’s all about grace. 

and you feel the breathe leave you. 


she surprises you. 


and him.


he’ll surprise you too. 

he’ll never forget to tighten his watch. 

or shut his bedroom door behind him. 

or remember why plants participate in osmosis.. or whatever.

but he’ll knock on his cousin’s bedroom door and ask in full bodied seriousness if he wants to listen to a record. 


cousin says he’ll pick one out,

sit in the recliner perfectly upright beside the record player,

shoes tied,

and listen until the end. 



people surprise